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Magician under the Moonlight

Not just a thief

Kuroba Kaito a.k.a Kaitou Kid
21 June
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OoC: Italic = Kaitou Thoughts. No one is supposed to be aware of it except Akako.

Ore wa Kuroba Kaito, kookoosei majishan desu. I'm the son of the famous Kuroba Toichi, who, unfortunately, passed away eight years ago. How? They said it was an accident.

But I know better. He died...because someone murdered him. He was a thief. Thief 1412. Kaitou Kid. The infamous magical kaitou wanted all over the world. And he was murdered. By crazy people who're trying to get some jewel known as Pandora Gem---the gem that gives eternity when peered through it to the moonlight.

In the beginning, I became Kaitou Kid the Second to find the murderer. Now, my only mission is to find the Pandora Gem...and crush it to pieces!

Oh right...and there are the little people...Aoko, the girl obsessed with mops (it really hurts); Akako, the freaky witch (I'm trying to keep my distance from her. She knows I'm Kid! -_-;;); Hakuba, Holmesie obsessed with detective job and capturing Kid...oh, he has a pet hawk too, weird (Gah, he's always ruining my heists); Nakamori-keibu, Aoko's Otou-san obsessed capturing Kid (Poor him, he always make a fool out of himself at heists); and Keiko, the weird girl who can't seem to keep her nose out of others' stuffs.

And there's Edogawa, the freaky little kid who always ruins my plots, and Mouri, who's as useless as Nakamori-keibu and Hakuba put together.

Now I, Kuroba-sama, will conquer this world with ever magic! *_~

Note: This is a character journal for questfortruth, the real person is angiechild (Yes, she's finally revealed herself!).
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