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Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 04:55 pm [ Journal ] Argh.
About this Heist
Kuroba Kaito
Current Mood: soresore
I had a taste of failure...and it definitely wasn't sweet.

I decided that I had to feed the bird. I never said I wanted to kill it. But I think it had planned to kill ME instead. So, after some struggle, it escaped. I obviously had to chase after it. The picnic was still a few days away, and Hakuba hasn't gone to London yet!

It was the unluckiest day of my life. I met Sherlock in the midst of chasing Watson. So I had to go make up a story about some man in black having kidnapped the bird (and I wished it had really happened). Hopefully he would buy it.

The biggest problems still lies unanswered though...how can I stop Hakuba from going to the picnic?

Oh well, I'll leave that to tomorrow...it's April's Fool, and I can't miss the fun! Hakuba won't know what he's in for. *snicker*